Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Best Job In the World

Being a mom is the hardest job I have ever had. It's not glamorous or exciting; it's long hours with little sleep or rest; sometimes it's down right disgusting. But, it is the best job I have ever had. It's rewards are in kisses and smiles, hugs and giggles.
Thank you Paige and Collin for allowing me to be your mother, I love you with all my heart. And to my mom, thanks for being the best example; I love you too.
Paige has been working on her letters, this is her very first Mother's Day card to me, completed with just a little help. All day long today she kept telling me "Happy Valentine's Day". I think she was just a little confused. But then tonight, I went to tuck her in and she said, "Happy Mother's Day Mom, I love you times a hundred." Agghhhh, melt my heart!!!

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