Thursday, April 23, 2009

Air and Space

The last day Scott was in town, we headed to the National Air and Space Museum, Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center. Located near the airport, this museum contains all the really big stuff that won't fit on the National Mall. Among the highlights was the space shuttle, Enterprise.
Paige, reading about the fighter planes

Look how tiney Paige looks in front of the Lockhead SR-71A Blackbird

Aunts and Uncles at the Zoo!

When we got back from KY, we had some very special visitors. Both Aunt Kendi and Uncle Scotti came to visit. We had a really great time. On Saturday the weather was beautiful so we decided to head to the zoo. This was Collin's first trip to the zoo and both kids first time to ride the metro. The animals were very active and we had great views of the giant panda's, the lions, and the orangutans.

Farm Fun, Baptism, & Easter

This year, we spent Easter weekend on the farm in KY with Matt's mom and family. Paige had an especially great time playing on the farm and checking out all the animals. The newborn lambs were a really big hit. She had lots of fun chasing after them; here she is getting a closer look with Pop.

Before we knew it, it was Sunday morning and time for church!
Since moving to DC, we have yet to find a church that we feel at home at. So, while we were in KY, Collin was baptised in Matt's mom's church: The First Presbyterian Church of Millersburg. Here he is getting ready for his big day! He wore the same christening gown that both Matt and Paige wore.

We asked our dear friends, Meredith & Aaron West, to be Collin's Godparents and were so excited that they could join us in KY.

After church, we returned to the farm for lunch and an Easter egg hunt. Paige's cousins: Megan, Brianna, & Lindsey were there too. It was a little cold out, but that didn't stop them from having a great time. The highlight of the hunt though was when Paige found a real robin egg. Unfortunately, she thought it was a chocolate egg and went to try and lick it. Thank goodness Meredith was there to swat it out of her hand. In the process it broke and yolk went everywhere with the wind. I wish we had a picture of Meredith's face, it was priceless!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

3 Months Old

Collin is three months old already and he can do all sorts of neat things! He holds his head up well enough to sit in the bumbo seat, he reaches and bats at his toys, grabs onto things and doesn't let go, and most importantly laughs and smiles at you when you talk to him. I often wonder what he must be thinking as we all make fools of ourselves. He also pushes up really well when laying on his belly and often flops over onto his back - I know it won't be too long until he is log rolling across the floor!

Best Buds

Collin may not know it yet, but he has a best bud! My good friend from high school lives just down the road and has a son (Bobby) who is only two and a half months older than Collin. We often have play dates even though at this point I think the mommies get more out of it than the boys do. In the past few weeks Collin has discovered his hands and what an amazing thing they are. They go everywhere with us and are lots of fun to chew on. On this particular day, Colling was going to town, chewing on his little fist, when Bobby rolled over and thought that he would try it out too. Too bad I missed the picture of that, it was awfully funny when it happened.

Aunt Kendi Comes to Visit


This month we ventured downtown to the Smithsonian with our good friends Ginny and Bobby. We spent most of the day at the Museum of Natural History with a quick peek inside the newly renovated Museum of American History. It was a great day and Paige had a blast. She especially liked the hall gems, jewels, and all things that sparkle. Of particular note was the Hope Diamond which she told me was just like Dora's crystal in Dora Saves the Snow Princess.

She also really enjoyed the large animal displays. I can see that another trip will be in our near future!