Thursday, October 1, 2009

9 Months and Presents from Popi

Collin is 9 months old today! It's hard to believe how far we have come in the last year. One year ago, we moved across country to Virginia, I was pregnant with Collin, and Paige was just starting to potty train. Now, we have a little boy that's no longer a baby and a pre-schooler who would rather be at school than at home with mom.

Collin has been growing and changing so much in the past few months. He is no longer doing the "inch-worm", but is crawling all over the place, he is beginning to pull-up on things, he no longer likes baby food, but eats mostly table food, is beginning to wave, and throws his arms up in the air if you ask him how big he is. Here are a few recent pictures of him, watch out, his smile will melt your heart!
O course, I had to add some of Paige too. Here she is being shy for the camera...
...and here she is hamming it up!
It's fall again, which means it's Stars season again. What would be the start of hockey season without some new gear from Popi. We had a nice surprise in the mail the other day, Paige got a pink hat in the mail to go with her pink jersey from last year. She loved her hat so much that she had to wear it all afternoon while decorating paper pumpkins.
Collin got his first big-boy hat. Yes, it's a Stars hat and yes, it is camouflage. For those that haven't heard yet, Collin has a very large head for his size (98 percentile to be exact). The pediatrician tells us (after measuring every one's head in our family), that it comes from his daddy. So, this hat is not an infant hat, not even a toddler hat, it's a youth hat. So when I say he got his first big-boy hat, I really mean it.
We didn't even have to adjust it as small as it would go! Oh well, it must be all those brains in there. At least his head doesn't look disproportional to his body.