Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Cinderella Story

Over the weekend, Paige went to a princess birthday party, for her very best friend Addison. They were instructed to come dressed in their finest princess attire. Then came a knock at the door and who could it be...

It was none-other than Cinderella herself. All of the girls were mesmerized, because of course it was THE Cinderella. She came and sang songs with them,
and danced with them.
They even had a parade around the house. She also gave them each some magic fairy dust to turn them into real princesses. They even got certificates so everyone would know that it was official. While Cinderella was explaining all of this, Paige pipped up and said, "but I'm already a princess." Agghhh, the drama.
Of course a Cinderella Princess party would not be complete without some face paint, and finger nail polish.

It was really a great afternoon. Paige came home talking about Addison and Cinderella all day long! We even had tears in the car, not so much for Cinderella, but becuase she didn't want to leave her best friend. Aren't they cute?

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